Advertising on Trial - 300 Reasons it Needs to CHANGE

The Articles Below took only 3 days to gather and Clearly Testify to the Mounting Problems American Advertising is now Facing. With 25 Million Businesses at stake - It is my hope to offer some Insights and Solutions to restore FAITH back into this Valuable Industry. (Daniel Sage / Marketeer)

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Advertising On Trial - See Website

The 100 Headlines and 200 Ad World Shake-Ups listed here took only 3 days to gather and Clearly Testify to the Mounting Problems American Advertising is now facing… I did not write them – I merely collected them.

These "EXHIBITS" show an Ad and Media World in a state of Massive Turmoil and Flux with few Remedies...

The Business world has lost much faith in Advertisings’ means and methods and nasty themes like Fragmentation, ROI, Accountabilty, White Noise and Clutter are continually popping up - they seem to represent Major Flaws in Advertising LOGIC.

I believe, for the "Invisibility" Issue in Modern Advertising to be solved it must first find ways of getting its Messages SEEN again.

As Seth Godin Says in The Purple Cow…“In a Busy Marketplace, Not Standing Out is the Same as Being Invisible. So it seems that we face two choices: Either be invisible, uncriticized, anonymous, and safe or take a chance at true greatness, uniqueness, and the Purple Cow. The point is simple, but it bears repeating: Boring always leads to failure. Boring is always the riskiest strategy.”

Our Purple Cow Recently Did a National Tour: Play Video at this link –

(NOTE: We have 300,00 more of these on the road in 48 sates – We have been featured on Forbes, Wachovia, Merrill Lynch, Hoovers, Media Post, BrandWeek and Fleet Owner this year and we’re seeking Visionaries to help us build this New Industry)

We SEE this Medium as a “PRACTICAL” Advertising TOOL – Capable of INSTANT IMPACT and Beyond Standard Ad Metrics and Measurement. The 9th Form of Advertising can be a Great Equalizer in an Environment of Constant AD Distraction.

To Understand “Practical Advertising” - Just ask yourself 3 Questions - How did I Get to Work today, how many Trucks did I See - and Why is Outdoor only Allocated 3% of Advertising Budgets if it REACHES 96% of the Population?

See Article “A Marketing Marvel – Trucks ad Fuel to American Advertising”

With 25 Million American Businesses at stake - It is our hope to offer “Common Sense” Marketing Solutions and Synergy to restore a bit of Faith and Power back to this Valuable Industry. (Daniel Sage / Marketeer – Mobile Ad Marketing)


“Advertising On Trial” - 300 Reasons it Needs to CHANGE.

Exhibit A - Ad Industry Blues / The Tough Times are Here and Now (45 Stories)
Exhibit B - Advertising Industry (Media Post) - More Troubled Times (35 Stories)
Exhibit C - TV Blues (Advertising Age) Full Stories (10 Stories)
Exhibit D - TV Blues (Media Post) Full Stories (10 Stories)
Exhibit E - Radio and Print Blues / Many Headlines (10 Stories)
Exhibit F - Web Blues / Stealing and Reeling (10 Stories)
Exhibit G - 150 Major Accounts "In Review" - "Moved or Moving" / Ad Age
Exhibit H - 125 Major Accounts "In Review" - "Moved or Moving" / Media Post

"Exhibit A " - (Ad Age and Various Pubs) Advertising Blues / General Stories

1. 4A's Hires PR Help (Fed Up With Bad Press for Advertising Industry..)
2. New Data Collection System Could Threaten Ad Agencies
3. Audience Tracking Issues in a Time of Media Upheaval
4. Opinion Fatigue: Inside The Market-Research Crisis
5. 'Engagement' Media Metrics: A Status Report
6. Interview with the Editor of American Demographics
7. U.S. Automakers: Too Many Brands, Too Little Courage
8. Marketing Implications of New Census-Bureau Consumer Data
9. How 'Gut Instinct' Advertising Decisions Hurt Marketers
10. Bottom Line of the TV Upfront: Third Year of Revenue Decline (TV)
11. The Gadgetry Networks That Threaten Traditional TV (TV)
12. Triumph and Failure at the TV Upfront Presentations (TV)
13. Why The TV Upfront Will Become a Year-Round Event (TV)
14. Changes in The 2006 TV Upfront (TV)
15. Implications of TV's Shift to Commercial Ratings (TV)
16. Magazine Publishers Hobbled by Own Previous Hype (PRINT)
17. Print Publishing Decline Quickens as Digital Media Soar (PRINT)
18. Citigroup Axes Millions in Media Spending (Investors Forces CG to Pull Ads From Print, Cable)
19. Is the Teen Girl Print Magazine Category Doomed? (PRINT)
20. Clearing the Clutter: Shutting Down Weak Magazines (PRINT)
21. Race and the New York City Advertising Industry
22. Historic Decline in Soft-Drink Sales to Continue...
23. Inside Big Food Marketers' Rush to Advergames
24. Exporting a Dying Content Model to a New Medium?
25. Energizer to Review $100M-Plus Media Account
26. Howard Stern's Ad Rates on Sirius Slump to Low of $5,000
27. Newspapers Brace for Macy's Advertising Shifts
28. Measuring ROI Eludes Half of Marketers
29. Wendy's Erupts in Ad Revolt
30. Worldwide, Advertising is Losing Share (Marketing chiefs are shifting their spending…)
31. What's Wrong with Advertising? Lots!
32. Ad Spending Doesn't Equal Brand Awareness
33. Branding: The Most Misunderstood Word In Marketing
34. 2006 Season TV Reviews – Mostly Bad
35. Cables' Gripe with Commercial Ratings...
36. Full Time Emplyement at Daily Newspapers Fell by 600 jobs...
37. Flat First Half for Consumer Magazines...
38. A Most Grim Profit Outlook for Newspapers
39. Newspaper Blues - More General Headlines ... (Read Stories)
40. Advertisers Cut Dollars Over Click Fraud (Web Blues)
41. More Ad Blues - Headlines and Stories/ Critics an Editorials / Account Reviews and Moves

"Exhibit B" (Media Post and Various Pubs) Advertising Blues / More Stories

1. Advertising After the End of Mass Media
2. The Future of Advertising is Here
3. The Rise of the Consumer-Generated Media Machine (BY CABLE NEUHAUS / April 2005 issue)
4. The End of Advertising and Media as We Have Known It
5. New-Think Marketing Effort Collides With Old-Think Media Types (Philips' 'Simplicity' Campaign: A Brilliant Creative Standout )
6. Agencies Short on Real Ideas Should Check Out (Jonah Bloom)
7. Some Thoughts on Obsolete Business Models (And How Big Agencies Have Done Remarkably Little to Reinvent Themselves)
8. Where are the Revolutionaries?
9. New Book Reports 37% of All Advertising Is Wasted
10. But New-Think Marketing Effort Collides With Old-Think Media Types (Jonah Bloom)
11. Though Ad Rules are Changing, You Still Have to be Consistent (By Rance Crain)
12. Risk Aversion is Risky Business for Marketers and Agencies (Among Other Things, It Makes Advertising Creativity an Endangered Species (By Rance Crain)
13. BusinessWeek/Interbrand rank the Brands that best built their images -- and made them Stick
14. Consumers Rebel Against Marketers' Endless Surveys (30 Industry Execs Gather to Discuss 'Opinion Fatigue' Crisis (By Jack Neff)
15. Media Is Dead! Content Is Dethroned! Passion Rules! / Commentary
16. 'Mass Media Marketing is Over' – Mcdonalds Chief Says…
17. Why Hollywood Studios Are putting Billions in Play as Lions Gate, Fox Seek Forward Media Agencies
18. Entrepreneur Magazine says you have to expose a message 27 times before he'll buy.
19. Ad Advertising Week: All Hail Fragementation
20. The Future of Advertising The Implications For Marketing and Media
21. When Things were Easier for Marketers
22. Your Marketing Sucks
23. Is Advertising Dead?
24. Why Advertising is Broken (And How to Fix it)
25. Making Your Advertising Message Stand Out
26. Johnson & Johnson Pioneers Marketing Rules (Upfront Holdout Rewrites Standards Across Media Landscape..)
27. Local '05 Web Ad Dollars up 79 Percent / This Year Sites will Pass Radio Stations....
28. Radio Redux (The Forces Roiling the Radio World get infinitely more Intense) ....
29. It's One Mixed Bag for the Media World...
30. The Average American is Exposed to 3000 Ads a Day (Google Answers)....
31. ...More Ad World Blues - Account Reviews and Moving / Ad Critics / Archive Links etc...

"Exhibit C" - (Ad Age) Advertising Blues / TV BLUES

1. New Study has good and Bad News for Television Advertising Industry
3. Cable Upfront Moving Slowly
4. Prognosis For TV's Upfront: Not Dead, Just Lounging, In Semi-retirement (IS THE UPFRONT DEAD?)
5. Omnicom Bigwig Hasn't Forgotten Telly and Print
6. J&J To Upfront Market: Drop Dead
8. Continuing Decline in TV Selling Power (Cites 50% Drop in Viewers, 40% Hike in Prime-Time Ad Spend Over Last Decade)
9. TV Affiliates: Exclusivity is Dead
10. 2006 Season TV Reviews – Mostly Bad

"Exhibit D" - (Media Post) Advertising Blues / TV BLUES


1. NBC Cuts Jobs Due To Weak TV Ad Performance
2. NBC Universal to Retool, 700 Positions Axed
3. Advertisers Losing Faith in Traditional TV Advertising
4. NBC Chief: Nielsen Will Be Real Winner in Commercial Ratings
5. Fosters' Quits U.S. TV Ads, Moves Online
6. Disney Earnings Spike Up, TV Ad Market Flat
7. Washington Post Co. Sees Flat TV Revenues
8. Buyers, Sellers Put Brakes On Nielsen's Commercial Ratings, Plan Meeting To Vet Issues
9. Recycling The Past....
10. Better ROI from YouTube Video than Super Bowl Spot!

"Exhibit E" - (Ad Age) PRINT and RADIO Blues

1. Newspapers Circ Continues Decline; Pubs Tout Online Gains (Loses 1.2 Million Readers in 6 Mos Read)
2. Imagining the Day When the WSJ Print Edition Folds (Newspapers)
3. Print Media Strikes Back (Newspapers)
4. Newspapers' Next Best Opportunity Is Local (Newspapers)
5. US Online Adspend Will Overtake Newspapers by 2008 (Magazines)
6. Are Magazines Dead? (Magazines)
7. Iceberg Dead Ahead / Commentary (Magazines)
8. Assessing the Shrinking Teen-Magazine Market (Magazines)
9. Magazines - The Safest BET in Advertising

"Exhibit E" - (Media Post) PRINT and RADIO Blues /

1. Magazines Mark Down Tough First-Half for Circulation (Magazines)
2. Circ Battle Looms Over Paid vs. Verified (Magazines)
3. Local Papers Brace For Federated Ad Drawdown (Newspapers)
4. B-to-B Trade Remains Staid, Shows Outpace Ad Pages In Business Pubs (Magazines)

"Exhibit E" - RADIO Blues

1. Radio's Still Mired, Ad Demand Remains Tired
2. On The Radio Ad Dial: CBS Gets Less, Clear Channel More

"Exhibit F " - (Various) The Web / Stealing and Streaming

1. Rich Media E-mail--Alive or Dead?
2. ABC's Streaming Video Success Test Found 87% of Viewers Recalled
3. Advertising Web Sellers Build Own 'Upfronts"
4. MySpace Draws Ads by Offering 'Safe' Content
5. Advertisers Change Channels (New Media Advertising hits all-time High as Traditional Media Pays the Price)
6. Marketers Cast Around on Net, but It's Still a Fishing Expedition (Internet Spending)
7. Web Slows Worldwide Ad Expansion, Marketing Too...
8. Marketers Demand Audited Ad Figures From Online Publishers
9. How GoogTube Merger Will Change Online Media and Marketing

7. Exhibit G - 125 Major Accounts "In Review" - "Moved or Moving" / Advertising Age
8. Exhibit H - 100 Major Accounts "In Review" - "Moved or Moving" / Media Post

PDF REPORTS Accountability Future of Advertising Advertising Trends New Marketing Complexities Purple Cow - Excerpts


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